Pygmy pair arrive

A new breeding pair of African pygmy goats has arrived at DZG’s Farm.


CAPTION – Keeper Chris Leeson welcomes Irma and Oliver to Dudley Zoo

One-year-old Oliver, who is brown, and three-year-old Irma, who has a grey coat, have arrived at DZG from Rodbaston College in Staffordshire.

Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, said: “The two have been brought in as a breeding pair so hopefully we’ll hear the patter of tiny hooves before too long!

“They are settling in well and are getting plenty of visitors down on the Farm.”


Just kidding around… Oliver and Irma are settling in well

The African pygmy goat is a small domestic breed of goat that is alert and gregarious by nature. They tend to be more robust and breed more continually throughout the year than more common dairy or meat goats, and, despite their smaller size, produce large amounts of milk and meat. 

They have a full coat of straight hair, medium to long in length. The density of the coat varies with the seasons and with the climate where the goat is found. Adult bucks have most hair, with their long flowing beards and their thick mane, while adult does will generally have no beard or their beard will be very thin.


Females have short, straight horns compared to those of the male, which are longer and curved