Pygmy goat playtime

DZG’s African pygmy goats are loving their new playground thanks to the upcycling skills of our specialist maintenance men.

Mike Grace and Paul Share, who work on special development projects across the zoo, transformed part of the old play equipment that was near our camels into a new playground for goats Crouch, Dilly and Daffy.

Senior Keeper, Lesley Lewis, said: “What Mike and Paul have produced from some of the wood from the old playground is amazing. They have really given it a new lease of life, its upcycling at its best.

“The goats love it and the rabbits hop in there too, when they want to get some shade.”

The new fenced-off animal playground is in the outdoor contact paddock down on the Farm which opens from noon to 12.45pm and from 2.15pm to 4.30pm each day.

Mike and Paul have also used some of the old fence from the playground to make a new enclosure for our Farm goose called Dek and their next project is to create a duck house.

The old play equipment was taken down earlier this year so new climbing frames, slides and swings could be added to the playground by the camels and the lawn area by the Queen Mary Restaurant in time for Easter.

Great work Mike and Paul!