Purr-fect paws

We’re all poised to mark Global Tiger Day this Friday when we’ll auction off a roarsome souvenir of our tiger feet.

Big Cat Keeper Cheyenne Darkins has created unique plaster casts of a pair of paw prints – one from our gorgeous seven-year-old female, Daseep, and the larger one from our handsome six-year-old male, Joao.

The event, which was postponed from Sunday due to bad weather, will include a silent auction when people visiting on the day can bid for the pair of special momentos from our Sumatran tigers.

Visitors will also have chance to get their paws on amazing artwork of our tiger footprints – and a terrific tail print – to raise funds for wild tigers.

The tiger tracks, made as the pair stepped through black and gold paint, have been turned into key rings and put into large magnet frames which will be sold in aid of WildCats Conservation Alliance – a charity which supports wild tigers and Amur leopards.

Cheyenne said: “I put out sand in the enclosure and was delighted when I managed to get perfect paw prints from both tigers. I then poured in plaster of Paris into the impression and it was dry within an hour.

“Let’s hope we get some generous bids as all money raised will help protect the wild cousins of Daseep and Joao.”

On Friday we’ll have a tiger talk at 1pm and a game to win a meet and greet experience with our tigers. The prize is offered to people over 16, or can be exchanged for a tiger adoption for anyone younger.

Hope you can join us – it’ll be grrr-eat!