Pupils’ Pingu waddle

Youngsters from a Stourbridge primary school waddled like penguins to go and meet their adopted Humboldt, Pingu.


Presenter Dorrie Hall, left, and pupils and staff from Pedmore C of E Primary School, point out their adoption plaque for Pingu

The Year 1 pupils, from Pedmore C of E Primary School, visited DZG for an Iceworlds education workshop and stopped off at Penguin Bay during the trip.

Presenter Dorrie Hall said the 30 children enjoyed learning how critically endangered creatures adapted to the cold and met Muffin the chinchilla, before taking a guided tour of the zoo.

The pupils met black and white ruffed lemurs, Broom and Olivia, the Rothschild’s giraffe family, Sumatran tigers Joao and Daseep, before heading up to visit the penguins.

Dorrie said: “The children waddled like Humboldt penguins and hopped like rockhopper penguins to get to Penguin Bay.

“Once they were there, we pointed out their adopted penguin, Pingu, and showed the children and teachers their plaque.”

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