Psycho by name . . .


The latest antics of our male Goffin’s cockatoo indicate he’s Psycho by name and psycho by nature!

The 18-year-old bird has destroyed his sliding door between the indoor and outdoor aviary, by chewing through the wooden frame and pulling the metal door completely off the wall.

Trainee Bird Keeper, Becky Bowdley, said: “We have no idea why he’s done it.

“We’ve put enrichment activities in his enclosure to try and get his attention away from the slide, but that remains untouched and the wooden door frame is hanging off the wall and the metal slide has dropped off altogether.”

DZG’s maintenance team have now made and fixed a new door and frame, all from non-chewable metal.

Becky added: “We’ve got our fingers crossed that he won’t be able to destroy this one, but with Psycho, you can never be too sure!”


The Goffin’s cockatoo is native to the forests of the islands of the Tanimbar archipelago in Indonesia, and is the smallest of the white cockatoos and is typically a noisy bird.