Dippy the Penguin

From £39.50


Humboldt Penguin

Hi, my name is Dippy and I am a Penguin. Did you know Humboldt penguins can blush? When we get too hot we have to avoid over-heating so our face, wings and feet flush pink. I am a very fussy penguin and a bit of a diva, if my keepers don’t serve my fish in the correct manner I will drop it on the floor and demand another!

Silver Adoption – £39.50

  • Certificate of adoption
  • Animal factsheet
  • Animal photo
  • Subscription to ZooNooz newsletter
  • One Zoo admission ticket
  • Greetings card
  • Presentation folder

Gold Adoption – £49.50

Includes the above plus:

  • One additional Zoo admission ticket
  • Personalised message displayed outside your adopted animal’s enclosure
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