Primate persuasion

One of DZG’s cheeky ring tailed lemurs persuaded an animal-loving couple from Worcester to book a Keeper for a Day experience!

Two years ago Tracy Swift and Ian Ruff visited Dudley Zoo and during a walk through Lemur Wood a nosy lemur climbed into Tracy’s handbag!

The couple heeded the keeper’s instructions not to touch him; but when they discovered they could book and become keepers where they would get the opportunity to get up close to the site’s animal residents they jumped at the chance!


Ian, said: “We are both massive animal lovers and wherever we go away we always try and fit in a zoo visit.

“I booked it up for Tracy’s birthday and she said it was her best day ever and now she wants a tapir as a pet!

“We were both very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the keepers we met and would definitely recommend the experience to anyone, we had a really lovely day!”

During their experience the couple fed rare Rothschild giraffes, tickled Brazilian tapirs, flew birds of prey, met DZG’s chimps and even reacquainted themselves with that same nosy ring tailed lemur!