Presenter Becky says bye-bye

Keepers organised a leaving gift to remember for Presenter Becky Iwahashi who has said farewell to DZG after three years with our Education department. 


Becky’s regular duties included giving daily talks and presentations to visitors about DZG’s animals, but for her last day staff swopped the rota and she found herself feeding male snow leopard, Margaash and our Rothschild’s giraffe family.


Ungulates Section Leader, Jay Haywood, pictured above with Becky, said: “Becky was just so excited when she discovered what was planned; she loved having the chance to hand feed Margaash and get so close to Mia, Josie and Kito.” 

Becky, who is returning to her native Scotland, where she’ll join Edinburgh Zoo’s Presentation team, said: “I’ve loved my time at DZG and I shall miss everyone so much. The animal feeds were just the best leaving present ever.”