Present time for chimps

Our seven chimps are being spoilt rotten this festive season as one of their biggest fans has delivered Christmas Eve parcels for them all.

Grandmother Wendy Gray, from Coseley, made up the seven gift bags of goodies – one for each of our gorgeous girls Fanny, Malaika, Mandy, Mali, Barbie, Banika and Binti – and also brings in treats for the primate keepers on her December 24 visit.

Wendy, who has been coming to Dudley Zoo since she was a little girl, even encourages her grandchildren to save their pennies to buy presents for our wonderful chimps.

Treats in the chimps’ bags, each labelled with their names, include balls, sheets, dates and nuts – all the things Wendy knows will be a big hit with her favourite apes.

She said: “I can’t tell you exactly what it is but I just adore the chimps, and always have. I visit as often as I can and wanted to make sure they had lots of goodies for Christmas.”

Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden said: “Wendy is definitely dedicated to the chimps and brings them food and toys throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

“We are so grateful to her for the time, generosity and effort she puts into supporting the zoo and our chimpanzees and can say without doubt she has made this time of year very special for the animals and keepers on the section.”

Ho-ho-hope your presents are on their way!