Potatoes and power tools!

Primate keeper, Jade Reddall, got crafty with power tools when it came to constructing new enrichment for DZG’s six black howler monkeys.


Recycling branches from pruned ash trees around the site, Jade drilled one-inch holes and filled them with warm mashed potato.

img-20160216-wa0010_copyJade said: “I used potato as that’s one of their favourite foods but I also added some mashed sweet potato too, as they don’t get that very often, so it gave them a different flavour to taste.

img-20160216-wa0010_copy“I added them around their enclosure as well as clipping some onto the webbing rope, so that they could move them around themselves.

“They reacted really well to them, it was brilliant to watch and all six howlers got involved as they worked to get the potato out of the holes.

“And once they’re finished with them, we can simply wash them out and use them with other species to see if they’re as popular as they were with the howlers.”

As well as potato, the howlers also enjoy a diet of celery, carrots, lettuce, cucumber and primate pellets.

Watch the howlers investigate the enrichment in the short video clip below…