Plumping up our partridge group

Three roul roul partridges have been brought into DZG to build up our group of the colourful birds.


DZG Senior Bird Keeper, Ben Vanes, collected the trio – one male and two females – from Bristol Zoo.

They will join our four males and one female to form a new breeding group.

Ben said: “It’s great to be able to start a new breeding group and they are settling in well.”

The roul roul partridge is also known as the crested wood partridge, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail or green wood partridge, and males are easily recognisable by their spectacular red crest.

This small, relatively plump partridge species is found in the lowland rainforests of Myanmar, Thailand, Malayasia, Sumatra and Borneo, where it lives singly or in pairs. Occasionally it may be found in larger groups of up to 15.