Playtime for Sprout!

A plastic tub provided hours of entertainment for Bornean orangutan, Sprout.

Upper Primates Keeper, Sian-Leigh Simner gave five year-old, Sprout and mum, Jazz, a large green trug, recently delivered from our Amazon Wishlist, which she filled with diluted sugar-free blackcurrant squash and sunflower seeds, alongside plastic cups.

Sian-Leigh, said: “The girls used the cups to scoop out all seeds from the water, which they ate first, before drinking the squash.

“They spent hours playing, especially Sprout, who carried on her playtime after the plastic trug was empty.

“At one point I saw her using the tub like a sledge to slide down the cargo net in the indoor house and she then began filling it up with her bedding, which she proceeded to drag around the floor. She had great fun and it amused her for hours!”

Sian-Leigh also gave Benji the same enrichment the following week and after devouring the seeds and drinking the squash, he then began making piles of bark chippings by filling up the trug and upturning it just like a sandcastle!

A big thank you from Sprout, for the supporter who purchased the plastic trug for us through the Amazon Wishlist.
The list contains useful items that we can use across the zoo site to help enrich the lives of our animals. CLICK HERE to view the page or search for Dudley Zoo.

Pictured above: DZG’s cheeky youngster, was captured on camera by zoo member, Sam Weaver.