Playtime for lynx trio

When you’re a busy mum to three boisterous babes a playful distraction is much appreciated, as Carpathian lynx, Daisy discovered.

Ungulates keepers suspended a discarded broom head in the enclosure as enrichment for her 10-month-old triplets, Dick, Dom and Daphne – and the youngsters couldn’t wait to share the fun!

Ungulates Keeper, Jay Haywood said: “We use all sorts of enrichment for the lynx triplets and we try to vary it as much as possible to keep it interesting for them.


“We use spices, perfumes and savoury food spreads, such as Marmite, which all encourage them to develop their tracking skills.

“And this week we have installed an old broom head, formerly in use in the giraffe house, in their enclosure.

“It is full of new smells on it for them to discover and by hanging it from the roof of the enclosure it means their play behaviour is encouraged, which is important in helping to develop survival skills as they mature.”

See the triplets’ playtime in our video below  . . .