Play with DZG animals!

We’ve got a great game to keep youngsters entertained during half term, while they also learn about some of the rarest animals in the world, as we launch DZG Top Trumps!

Priced just £4.99 from the Safari Shop, the popular game features 29 colourful cards comparing favourite animals from across our bird, primate, big cat and ungulate sections of the 40-acre zoo site in categories including cuteness, max weight and Top Trump rating.

And all half term visitors will receive a special limited edition bonus DZG 80th anniversary ‘Where it all began’ card on arrival at the zoo, which can be added and played in the pack.

DZG Retail Manager Isobel Blackwell, said: “Our DZG Top Trumps is already proving to be a popular purchase with our visitors.

“As well as photographs of our animals, all cards also include fun facts about the depicted species, so as well as being a great game to play with family and friends, it’s also educational too and another new branded souvenir for our zoo supporters to enjoy.”

Make sure you pick up your pack the next time you visit or to purchase the card game over the phone, for an additional £2.99 to cover postage, please call 01384 215313 and we’ll get one popped into the post for you!