Plantation for red pandas

Bamboo is springing up in several spots across our 40-acre site as keepers have started planting donated roots and shoots.


ABOVE – Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden shows off the healthy bamboo planted opposite the mara enclosure

Our ungulates team received more than 20 donations of bamboo roots following a DZG plea for the plants to build up reserves to feed our red pandas.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “We’re very grateful to everyone who gave us bamboo and we’ve now planted these opposite the mara enclosure, at the back for the giraffes, near the Bennetts wallaby enclosure and in the birds section.

webplantation“Once these plants are established we’ll have a great stock to supply our female red panda Yasmin with daily bamboo.”

In the wild, the red panda’s diet consists of about 65 per cent bamboo and our zoo keepers like to mimic what animals would feed on in their natural environment.

Some of the bamboo is also being used by keepers on our birds section as our 15 black-cheeked lovebirds – Africa’s most endangered parrots – use the plants for nesting material.

Why not visit Yasmin this Saturday? She’ll be in for extra treats as it’s International Red Panda Day!