Planet-saving sweets!

DZG’s Safari Shop today joined a sweet maker’s war on single-use packaging by becoming one of the first UK retailers to stock treats in compostable bags.

In partnership with Calico Cottage’s new brand, The Cambridge Confectionery Company, the zoo will be stocking sweets wrapped in compostable bags which break down and disappear in soil in just six to 12 weeks.

Regular biodegradable bags can take decades to degrade, according to Cambridgeshire-based Calico Cottage – the first UK confectionery manufacturer to introduce the eco-friendly packaging.

Managing Director Nigel Baker was inspired to make this game-changing move after watching BBC’s Blue Planet and being appalled by how much plastic ends up in the world’s oceans.

He said: “The move away from single use plastic is an issue we are hugely passionate about and we’ve been working long hours to come up with a solution.

“It’s a first step for us and can eliminate around 80% of our single use plastic packaging but we won’t be satisfied until this number hits 100%, which is a huge challenge.

“The bags are compostable with compostable labels and adhesives, which will also biodegrade in sea water. Having DZG on board with us at launch is a massive boost and demonstrates our joint commitment towards moving away from single-use packaging.”

Our Retail Manager, Isobel Blackwell, said: “We are delighted to be one of the first attractions in the UK to stock this compostable packaging which is completely kind to the environment.

“Conservation and staying green is hugely important to everyone at the zoo and nothing goes to waste here! We always try to purchase items which have been certified so there are no degrading effects on the environment.”

The new bags are fully certified and manufactured from sustainably sourced trees, which are converted into pulp and then a liquid cellulose solution. This is then made into a transparent solid film, which is coated and cut to size.

Safari shop Team Leader Matt Millard shows off the new-look sweets which are available for £2.75 a bag or two for £5.

And he’s modelling DZG’s new snow leopard design hoodie which is proving popular with visitors. Available in grey and burgundy, the new hoodies are £22.99 each.