Attractions & Exhibits

Go Wild at Dudley Zoo with all the family!
Hundreds of exotic and endangered animals inhabit a 40 acre ancient wooded hillside around the ruins of the 11th century Dudley Castle. Come face to face with free roaming lemurs, feed Rainbow lorikeets, meet friends on the farm and look out for ghosts in the 11th century castle.  There’s plenty of opportunities to Go Wild at Dudley Zoo!  Find out more on what we have to offer below!

You can be Covid-19 confident that ‘We’re Good To Go’ here at DZC.  Tickets are limited and must be purchased online in advance.


Flamingo Falls

The flamingos are one of our most popular animals on site and have been a staple feature at the zoo’s entrance for many years!   Their enclosure includes a running waterfall and a big den with a internal viewing area, where visitors are still able to see colourful birds even when they’re off show outside due to the weather!

‘Ow Bin Ya’ Sands

Complete with 80 tonnes of sand, the beach is situated at the Zoo’s Sensory Garden and will stay in place for the whole summer.  Ow Bin Ya Sands is in a super spot, in the shadows of Dudley Castle and overlooking the town.

It’s fun and different to enjoy throughout the summer and hopefully puts you in that wonderful holiday mood.  There’s also plenty of picnic benches and a Beach Hut kiosk to enjoy an ice cream or two!


Cassowary Paddock

Our newest arrival for 2021 – A 10 year old male Southern Cassowary called Zeus is causing quite a stir amongst our visitors. Apparently he’s considered as one of the closest living relatives to dinosaurs, but his long talons, a helmeted head plate and powerful legs make him a force to be reckoned with!




Lemur Wood

Lemur Wood is a one-acre walkthrough experience where you can meet more than 30 free-roaming black-and-white/ringed tail/collared lemurs and learn about DZC’s conservation programmes in Madagascar for these enigmatic creatures.

Penguin Bay

DZC has one of the largest colonies of these South American birds in the UK. Our 70+ strong group has helped form colonies at other collections across the country. Look out for our oldest penguin –  Pingu!

Linne’s Two-Toed Sloths                     

Reggie & Flo, our adorable sloth pair are the most popular couple at DZC, although they do tend to sleep a lot!
Reggie has always been a firm favourite since his arrival in 2019.  Flo arrived to meet her new boyfriend last summer and she’s certainly made an impression on Reggie, as he’s given up his favourite box for her!  It must be love!

Wallaby Walkthrough

Get close to these mini marsupials in our walkthrough enclosure – but you’ll have to be quick as they move very fast!


Lorikeet Lookout

Experience these magnificent rainbow-coloured birds landing on you while they drink nectar.



Farmyard Fun

Our Farm and Barn offer young visitors a chance to get really close to a range of farmyard favourites including pygmy goats, micro-pigs, chickens, geese, guinea pigs and giant English rabbits. And if the weather’s not so good pop in the farm barn to see a wide variety of smaller critters!



Lion Ridge

Two lions at Dudley Zoo – our Asiatic lions are the pride of DZC. They are among the rarest animals on the planet, with

fewer than 500 in the world, of which 300 are in zoos and wildlife parks. Females Kyra and Asha live in our one-acre Lion Ridge paddock.



Birds of Prey

Temporarily off show.  We are hoping to re-introduce this display soon!

Our daily birds of prey displays in the courtyard allow visitors to see these magnificent birds as they were used in medieval times for hunting. See an African spotted eagle owl, ferruginous buzzard, great grey and Magellan horned owls fly from the castle walls.


Castle Creatures

An interactive medieval experience featuring live animals in the 11th century Castle.  The exhibit, at the heart of DZC, tells the story of the Earl of Dudley’s family and explains the history of the castle.  It also houses a series of animal exhibits showing how medieval folk lived in close proximity with species, such as rats and bats, as part of everyday life.


Adventure Playgrounds

For our younger visitors – visit our playgrounds either by the camels, opposite the Safari gift shop, on the Queen Mary Lawn – or all three!  From slides, to monkey bars, there’s so much choice and it gives the youngsters something new to explore and burn off that extra energy!


Plus there’s much more to see! Get closer to the World’s Rarest Animals……….and book tickets online now!