Attractions and Exhibits

Lemur Wood

Lemur Wood is a one-acre walkthrough experience where you can meet more than 30 free-roaming red ruffed/black-and-white/ringed tail/black lemurs and learn about DZG’s conservation programmes in Madagascar for these enigmatic creatures.

Lorikeet Lookout

Experience these magnificent birds landing on you while they drink nectar.

Wallaby Walkthrough

Get close to these mini marsupials in our walkthrough enclosure – but you’ll have to be quick as they move very fast!

Humboldt Penguins

DZG has one of the largest colonies of these South American birds in the UK. Our 60-strong group has helped form colonies at other collections across the country. Look out for our oldest penguin –  Pingu!

Farmyard Fun

Our Farm and Barn offer young visitors a chance to get really close to a range of farmyard favourites including pygmy goats, micro-pigs, chickens, geese, guinea pigs and giant English rabbits. There’s even a chance to milk a very special cow! And if the weather’s not so good join our craft activities in the barn where you’ll often find young chicks or baby rabbits to meet.

Go Wild!

Daily shows in our Go Wild! Theatre introduce visitors to the wonderful world of wildlife and offer a close up view of creatures great and small.

Lion Ridge

Three lions at Dudley Zoo – our Asiatic lions are the pride of DZG. They are among the rarest animals on the planet, with fewer than 500 in the world, of which 300 are in zoos and wildlife parks. Females Kyra and Asha live in our one-acre Lion Ridge paddock with Jetpur our male.

Birds of Prey

Our daily birds of prey displays in the courtyard allow visitors to see these magnificent birds as they were used in medieval times for hunting. See an African spotted eagle owl, ferruginous buzzard, great grey and Magellan horned owls fly from the castle walls.