Pillowcase plea!

Is it a footwarmer, a sleeping bag or a hiding place? No, it’s a pillowcase!


Creative chimp Banika, pictured above, has come up with lots of uses for an old pillowcase – prompting a DZG appeal for unwanted bed linen.

Head of Lower Primates Nicola Wright said all seven female chimps, Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, Malaika, Binti, Mali and Banika, love playing with old sheets and pillowcases.

webbanikaShe said: “Our girls are very resourceful and use the bedding for all sorts of things.

“As well as getting inside pillowcases and tearing them up, they build nests with sheets and the keepers even use the linen to play tug of war with the chimps.

“They all have great fun with the bedding, but it doesn’t last long with them!

“That’s why any donations of unwanted bed linen would be most welcome.”

See Banika showing off multiple uses for an old pillowcase in our video below.

Any donations of clean pillowcases, sheets or duvet covers (but no duvets please) can be handed over to our Customer Services team at the DZG Safari Shop.