Pigging out after Easter!

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis knew eggs-actly what to do with her family’s empty Easter egg boxes.


Lesley, pictured above, took the boxes down to the DZG Farm, filled them with hay, apples, carrots and pig nuts and then let our five male micro-pigs do what they do best – pig out!

Two-year-old brothers Chuck, Hamm, Brian, Little Ernie and Wilba tucked into the healthy treats as delighted visitors looked on.


ABOVE: Chuck gets stuck into one of the treat-filled boxes

Lesley said: “All the micro-pigs loved delving into the boxes and discovering the snacks inside.

“It’s a lovely enrichment activity and my way of recycling! I bring in all sorts of boxes from home, such as cereal boxes and even toothpaste cartons, and between us the keepers on the Farm come up with all sorts of fun and games for our animals.

“It can get quite messy when I have to go in and pick up the boxes after they have been emptied but it’s worth it to see the boys enjoy themselves.

“We also do the same enrichment exercise with the red squirrels and they like rooting through boxes too.”