Piggin’ out

Our six micro pigs had a cracking time when keepers laid on a post-Easter egg hunt for them.

Staff down on the Farm at Dudley Zoo kept their empty Easter egg boxes to fill with a fruity feast for the hungry hogs.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “We filled the boxes with hay, apple and carrot to give the pigs a healthy treat.

“They all loved delving into the boxes and discovering the snacks inside. It’s a great, fun game which gives the pigs a different way of getting to their treats.

“It’s also one way of recycling but it can get quite messy when we have to go in and pick up the boxes after they’ve been emptied. It is worth it though, to see how much the pigs enjoyed themselves.”

Take a look at our video to see the six little piggies having egg-cellent fun!