Philip’s holiday at DZG

Pensioner Philip Bunn loves DZG?so much he spends his holiday on site!

DZG-philip-bunn-webPhilip, of Smethwick, is a long-standing zoo member, but mobility problems now make transport difficult –?so the 69-year-old books himself into a nearby hotel for a week and wanders on site every day!

He said:?”I?have always loved coming to DZG right from an early age when I?used to visit with my mother.

“I have stayed in touch over the years, although it is harder for me to get there now so I make a regular reservation at the Station Hotel, which is opposite the zoo entrance, and visit the site every day throughout the week.”

He added: “I adore the place, it makes me feel so happy to see the animals and learn about any new arrivals from staff who all know me and have a chat when I?come over.”

The generous animal lover has donated £500 for enrichment programmes across the sections.

He said:?”I?have asked that the money be put to suitable projects for whatever animals the curators suggest –  there is always something going on and I?know the cash will be spent well.”

DZG?Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said:?”We are so grateful to Philip for his immensely generous donation. It will be spent on animal enrichment with various sections and we’ve promised to let him know about the projects as they take place.”

CAPTION: Holiday snap: For Smethwick pensioner, Philip Bunn, who books into a nearby hotel for a week and visits the zoo every day! Philip is pictured feeding DZG’s rare Rothschild giraffes.