Philip adopts giraffe

Lifelong DZG supporter Philip Bunn has added a favourite species to his adoption collection.

DZG-philip-bunn-webPhilip, of Smethwick, is now the proud adopter of female Rothschild giraffe, Josie.

He said: “Giraffes are one of my favourite animals. I recently had my photograph taken with them when they were out in the paddock and thought it was high time I added young Josie to my adoption list.”

Mobility problems make it difficult for 70-year-old Philip to travel to and from DZG using public transport – so he simply books into a local hotel for a week and comes on site every day at his leisure.

He said:?”I?have always loved coming to DZG right from an early age when I?used to visit with my mother. Now it is harder for me to make the journey I just make a reservation at the Station Hotel, opposite the zoo entrance, and visit the site every day throughout the week.”

DZG?Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said:?”All the staff know Philip and look forward to his visits. He has made several very generous donations over the years and always takes a keen interest in the site.”


CAPTION: Smethwick pensioner, Philip Bunn, who has adopted female Rothschild giraffe, Josie.