Pesky problem

Our gardeners have wheeled out 40 new green bins to keep a lid on the pesky problem of squirrels and badgers rummaging in rubbish.

The zoo’s gardening team has taken delivery of the bins which have lids and special clips to hold bin liners in a bid to stop wildlife rifling through waste on our 40-acre site.

Dudley Zoo’s Head Gardener, Carl Stevens, said: “Although our bins are emptied at various intervals each day, any small amounts of rubbish left in the old open-topped bins overnight used to attract squirrels and badgers.

“The wild animals were ripping through any rubbish they could find and leaving a mess. Now that we’ve moved over to bins with lids and special brackets inside for liners, creatures are no longer able to smell any waste left inside. It should mean we can say good riddance to this pesky problem!”

DZG is also encouraging visitors to recycle their rubbish and will soon be unveiling new colour coded bins for plastics, cans and general waste.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new recycling bins!