Perfumes put to grrreat use!

Perfumes have poured in following our plea for unwanted scents to give our big cats some sweet-smelling playtime.

More than 150 bottles of aftershave and perfume have been passed on to keepers who have already put the scents to grrreat use with our Sumatran tigers Daseep and Joao.

Scents were squirted on to climbing frames and dabbed on a new monkey fist knot rope toy in their enclosure to encourage them to use their natural instincts to track the smells.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove said: “We now have a huge variety of perfumes to try out on all our big cats and it will be very interesting to see which they prefer.

“In our tiger enclosure we covered a new rope toy in perfume and Daseep was first to hunt down the new smell.

“Then Joao clawed at the rope ball and went to the top of a new climbing platform to get a better reach.

“Both tigers got plenty of exercise and enjoyment out of the enrichment activity and we are very grateful to people for their generosity.”

The perfumes will also be used to provide some stimulating playtime for our Asiatic lionesses, Carpathian lynx and snow leopards.

Thanks to everyone who sent us scents!