Perfect panda health

When tree maintenance work required our red panda pair to leave their paddock, keepers seized the opportunity to give them the once-over.

And the outcome of the chance check-ups is that our 13-year-old female Yasmin and three-year-old male Gawa are in perfect health.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood said: “For safety reasons we had to move the red pandas to an off-show area for a couple of days while routine tree maintenance work was carried out in their enclosure. And that gave us the ideal opportunity to put the pair through a close examination.

“We carried out visual checks on them and weighed them both and we’re delighted to report they are in excellent health.

“Red pandas are naturally shy creatures and we rarely get that close to them, so while they were temporarily away from their paddock we made the most of the situation.”

PICTURED: Keeper Josh Luxton puts Gawa on the scales.

This beautiful species is listed as endangered, with the IUCN Red List estimating the population in their native mountainous forests in the Himalayan region of East India to be fewer than 10,000.