Penny spending time alone

Our baby Lar gibbon, Penny, is growing up quickly and is now starting to explore the enclosure independently.


The youngster, who has spent the last few months clinging to mum, Meo, has now left her side and is becoming more boisterous by the day, getting to grips with the swinging ropes and climbing frames and joining dad, Huggy, in a quick game of tag around the enclosure.

Team Leader, Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said: “The baby is doing really well. She’s quickly learning how to move around the enclosure without mum and is a real favourite with visitors.”


The Upper Primate section is also currently celebrating a baby boom with the recent arrivals of two yellow-breasted capuchins and a black howler monkey.

dzg_penny_gibbonCAPTIONS: TOP: Baby Lar gibbon Penny is becoming more independent day by day.

ABOVE: Family affair for Lar gibbons mum Meo, dad Huggy and baby Penny.