Penguins move in!

We’ve installed our newly built nesting boxes into Penguin Bay and they’ve already got occupants!

The boxes were built by members of the Senior Citizens Enterprise Woodwork Group, based at Meadow Road Youth Centre in Dudley, alongside bird tables and bat boxes and have saved us hundreds of pounds.

Birds Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “Humboldt penguins pair for life and will nest in the same box year-on-year and we believe newly-formed couples have set up homes in the boxes, as they were occupied within days of us adding them into the bay.”

“We’re really grateful to the group members who crafted the boxes from a drawing we gave them.

“We provided the specialist wood and they produced the boxes within days and it’s lovely to be able to show them that their hardwork is already paying off with occupied homes!”

We currently have more than 80 Humboldts in the colony, which is one of the largest in the UK and we’ve got our fingers crossed for the pitter patter of tiny penguin feet in the coming months to add to our group!