Penguins join proposal!

When the company Brad John works for landed a road resurfacing contract at DZG it provided the ideal opportunity for a proposal . . .


Throughout the past seven years Brad and girlfriend Shelley Gavin have become regular visitors to the site and developed quite a passion for Humboldt penguins.

So with marriage on his mind Brad asked keepers to set up an impromptu penguin feed at the end of his working day to allow him to propose to Shelley.

Senior Curator Derek Grove said: “The roads contractors were on site for many weeks and we got to know some of them quite well, so when Brad asked if we would help him with the proposal we set up a date right away.

“Shelley hadn’t got a clue and was delighted to be feeding the penguins, something she’d always wanted to do, and when Brad got down on one knee and proposed she was really, really surprised.”

Shelley said: “I’d got no idea Brad was going to ask me to marry him so it was quite a shock, but it was a lovely thing to do and I said yes straight away.”

The couple, who live in Dudley, plan to marry next year.

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