Penguin fan’s kind gift

New nesting boxes will be popping up in Penguin Bay, thanks to generous DZG visitor, Sarah Barker, of Denbighshire.

When Sarah purchased two zoo tickets online from her home in North Wales, she kindly added a £100 donation, which she asked to be spent on penguins.

The donation will be put towards materials for nesting boxes for our colony of Humboldt penguins.


Sarah said: “I asked for the money to be used on something to do with penguins and I’m just glad I’m in a position to donate.  

“Dudley Zoo was the first zoo I ever went to. My parents took my sister and I there for many years when we were very young.

“I like to do lovely things and trips on my birthday every year and this year I decided I’d like to revisit Dudley Zoo.  I haven’t been there since those early visits!”

Assistant Curator Richard Brown said: “We are very grateful for the donation and delighted Sarah wanted to make a return visit for a special occasion.

“We have some very kind-hearted supporters and their donations make a big difference.”

RIGHT: Apprentice Keeper Danielle Partridge constructs a new nesting box.

Dudley Zoological Gardens has long been home to some of the world’s biggest, rarest and most exotic animals. Your donation will help support our vital conservation programmes and help pay for special animal treats, toys, bedding, health checks, food bills, heating and more.

Here’s how your donation could make a difference:

•   £5 – will buy suncream for Tapirs

•   £10 – will feed a Meerkat in mealworms for a week

•   £20 – will buy pallets to create a bug hotel

•   £100 – will buy climbing nets for primates

Every £1 makes a difference. Thank you for your support!

You can donate by phone or by posting a cheque (made payable to Dudley Zoological Gardens) to Development Office, Dudley Zoo, Castle Hill, Dudley, DY1 4QF