Penguin Bay launched

DZG’s new £40,000 Penguin Bay has been officially opened on our 75th anniversary!

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was carried out by DZG CEO Peter Suddock.

Home to our 70-strong colony of Humboldts penguins, the new walkthrough experience offers visitors the chance to get close to this endangered species via a decking walkway linking glass viewing platforms.

Mr Suddock said: “This is a fantastic experience, and was constructed in response to visitors’ requests to get closer to the penguins.”

He added: “It’s all looking splendid, we have doubled the size of the enclosure and created a habitat that mimics the penguins’ wild South American environment. We’ve laid decking walkways and installed glass viewing panels and platforms to enable the whole family to get really close to some of the world’s rarest birds.

“It will be incredible to see visitors literally surrounded by Humboldts!”


CAPTIONS: TOP: Penguin Bay is officially opened by DZG CEO Peter Suddock


Stourbridge schoolboy, Ben Grove, aged seven.



Marian Gould (nee Price) has just phoned to wish us Happy Birthday from France!

At six weeks old she was the youngest child to come through the turnstiles on May 6, 1937.

Marion, who now lives in Vautorte, said: “I was taken to the grand opening by my mother and father, but there were so many people there that zoo staff were worried I might get crushed by the crowds so they opened an exit door especially for me to go in.

“I was the first person to use the exit that day  . . .to make my entrance!”