Penguin Awareness Day

DZG is marking National Penguin Awareness Day today.


The annual event celebrates everything about the popular bird species as well as raising awareness about some of the climate change threats penguins are currently facing.

Presenter Becky Iwahashi, pictured right, said: “If you’re visiting DZG over the next few days why not stop off at the Discovery Centre and find out some fun facts about the different species of penguin around the world.

“We also have activity sheets for children where they can colour in their favourite penguin to take home.”

Visitors can also learn more about our own colony of Humboldts in Penguin Bay, located opposite the Discovery Centre, during the daily talk and feed at 3pm. 

Find out about the UK’s largest parent-reared Humboldt group, which started out in 1991 with just five hand-reared chicks and developed into the 60-strong group we have today.

Did you know…

  • Adelie penguins love to slide down icy slopes on their bellies.

  • Humboldts eat sardines, anchovies and squid in the wild. Here at DZG they love sprats.

  • Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin.