Penguin aware

It’s Penguin Awareness Day and here at DZG we’re flippin’ proud of our successful Humboldt breeding programme.

With over 74 birds in our walkthrough Penguin Bay we’ve got one of the largest Humboldt colonies and our birds have helped boost penguin collections around the UK, including this little cutie above, who was one of last year’s new arrivals.

Birds Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “Since starting our colony in 1991 we’ve sent penguins the length and breadth of the country.

“We’re looking forward to the springtime breeding season as we always do well with chicks.

“We complete checks on our 26 nesting boxes every Thursday so we can keep tabs on any eggs and if we find a chick we carry out a quick health and developmental weight check and make sure we know who its parents are.”

Penguin Awareness Day is an annual event on January 20, which brings to the fore the plight of the flightless birds. Threats to penguins in the wild include climate change threats, including warmer water pushing them out further into remote areas in search for fish.

Learn more about our Humboldts in our talk and feed every day at 3pm.