Peepo! A young Bennett’s wallaby has made its debut appearance in the spring sunshine.

The joey has yet to fully appear outside of its mother’s pouch, but keepers have spotted it having an initial nose around first, before deciding to take the leap!

The marsupials, also known as red-necked wallabies, give birth after a gestation of 30 days.

The female gives birth to a tiny baby, which crawls directly into her pouch, where they latch on to a teat and grow and develop for about eight months, only leaving the pouch when they are fully mature.

See if you can spot the baby in our Wallaby Walkthrough!

The baby is one of a number of newborns we’ve recently welcomed to the DZG collection, joining a yellow-breasted capuchin, barbary sheep, ring-tailed lemur, reindeer and twin pygmy marmosets.