Peepo baby!

Here’s definitely something to brighten your Monday morning…meet our very cute newborn baby black-and-white ruffed lemur!

And that’s not all – as there’s another one hiding in the box as we’ve had twins!

The babies were born to 17-year-old mum, Olivia and 25-year-old dad, Broom, on February 19 in the Small Primate House and have been snuggled in the nesting box for the past week – but this cheeky baby decided to try and make an escape while mum wasn’t looking!

The twins are only the second and third of the critically endangered lemur species to be born at DZG in over two decades, with their 11 month-old big brother, Zeus, the first.

Native to Madagascar, black-and-white ruffed lemurs face several threats including habitat loss logging and mining. They are also among the most heavily hunted of all lemur species.