Peekaboo – baby red panda!

Our new baby red panda peered out of the nesting box for the very first time this week.

red_panda_3With a little gentle encouragement from mum, Yasmin, who stayed close by, the youngster was spotted poking its head out of the box for a few seconds and taking in the world around, much to the delight of visitors.

Senior keeper, Laura Robbins, said: “This is the first time we have seen the baby, so this means it is now around 90 days old, as they make their public appearance at that age.

“For the first few months they are kept hidden away in the nesting boxes to develop their beautiful red colouring after being born completely grey.”

As yet keepers don’t know if the baby is a boy or girl, and will have to catch up the youngster in the next few days so it can be sexed and named.

Laura added: “We’ll have to check the baby while it is still in the box as once it is fully out it will be impossible to catch up with it and usually involves staff climbing trees!”

CAPTION: Baby red panda makes its public debut.