Peafowl chick sees double!

Keepers on the DZG Farm are making sure a tiny peafowl chick born on site won’t feel lonely – after adding a mirror to its barn.


ABOVE – Double take – DZG’s baby peafowl checks out its reflection

The five-week-old Indian blue peafowl is being looked after on the Farm until it is old enough to join its parents and our other adult peacocks and peahens.

Zoo Manager Matt Lewis said: “We are keeping the little one in a barn under a heat lamp and have put a mirror up to make it feel like it’s got company.

“We don’t know if it’s male or female yet but it is doing well and eating chick crumbs.

“In the autumn, when it’s big and strong enough, the youngster will be introduced to our four peahens and two peacocks.”


ABOVE – The little peafowl is doing well and will join our adults in the autumn

The farm’s public opening times are 12 noon to 12.45pm and then 2.15pm to 4.30pm daily.

Come and see the young peafowl – and its lovely reflection – for yourself!