Pat and Nigel’s zoo adventure


Pat Swallow and Nigel Booth had a great adventure at DZG when they became Keepers for the Day.

The couple from Nottingham worked alongside staff to feed and meet many of the site’s animals, including big cats, ungulates and chimpanzees, as part of the experience that Nigel had booked up for Pat’s Christmas gift.

Pat said: “We had so many wonderful experiences from feeding big cats to seeing the tiniest bird just hatched.

“We never thought we would tickle the tummy of a tapir, have a lemur around our shoulders, be surrounded by hungry penguins or having a large orang utan gently lick my fingers!

“Everything was very well organised and all the keepers were very knowledgeable about their animals and the aims of the zoo and we could see that they really cared for all the animals in their charge.”

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