Pass the talc!

Two ring-taileds have been introduced into Lemur Wood with the help of a magic dusting of talcum powder.

dzg_lemur_talc_1bWhen Sheldon and Caramel relocated from the Small Primate House and Monkey Tails to join the gang in the walkthrough wood, keepers turned to the fail-safe technique of covering them in baby talc to keep the peace between the boys.

Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens – pictured right – said: “Similar to all primates, lemurs rely heavily on their sense of smell and it plays a huge part in the social hierarchy of their group.

“As we wanted to introduce Sheldon and Caramel as easily as possible and to avoid any in-fighting, we doused all the ring-taileds in talcum powder so that they would all smell the same.

“They were all so taken with the different smell that it distracted their attentions from the new arrivals.”

She added: “So far things are looking promising and Sheldon and Caramel have become firm friends.”

Lemur Wood is home to more than 30 free-roaming lemurs, including ring-tailed, black and white ruffed, black and red ruffed and collared.


Primate keepers may soon have to turn Lemur Wood into Fort Knox if its mischievous residents continue to open door latches!

Black and white ruffed lemurs, Yoda and Aramis, have worked out how to open the exit gate of the walkthrough exhibit as they attempt to greet visitors from the outside of their enclosure.

To prevent more mischief keepers have fitted a new latch on the door and are hoping the lemurs don’t work out how to unlock it again too quickly!