Partridge – without pear tree – arrives!

A rare partridge has arrived just in time for Christmas at DZG but, thankfully, there’s no sign of a pear tree!

dzg_female_roul_roulThe female roul roul has relocated from Chester Zoo to form a breeding pair with our male, who moved to Dudley midsummer.

Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “We have put the female in to an adjacent enclosure to the male while she undergoes her 30 day quarantine period, but they can see and hear each other.

“They are both colourful birds and look great together. Female roul roul have a bright green plumage with a grey head, while males are dark metallic green in colour with a tall red crest on top of their head.”

Both birds are currently in off-show heated aviaries for the winter months, but will return to their outdoor aviary in springtime.


The Partridge Family: a young female roul roul has flown into DZG’s aviaries to join our recently-arrived male. The species originates from tropical rainforests in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei