Parrots’ Easter treats

DZG’s parrots are being treated to an eggs-tra nutritious Easter treat this weekend.


As bird keepers are giving them hard-boiled chicken eggs to boost their protein and vitamin levels.

dzg_parrot_boiled_eggs_4_copyBirds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, said: “We give them eggs as a special treat every few weeks as they are really good for their health in moderation in the same way they are for humans.”

It’s not just the parrots who are enjoying the eggy breakfasts, as the section’s cockatoos, toucan, roul roul partridge and magpies do too.

Kellie said: “We shell the eggs for the smaller birds, but for the bigger ones we give them the hard-boiled eggs, shell and all to eat, as the outer layer is rich in calcium, so is also great for them to have.

“The egg treats are also a form of enrichment for them to get through the shell and reach the inside, but it doesn’t take them very long and they soon have them ripped open using their sharp beaks.”

Caption: Birds Section Leader, Kellie Piper, delivers some Easter egg treats to Military macaw, Peaches. 


There’s plenty of Easter-themed events on offer at DZG during the school holidays.

Meet newly-hatched chicks and ducklings on the farm and see ten-month-old giant English rabbits, The BFG, Teddy Gray, Maisie, Otis and Sybil.

There’s also an adoption package and meet and greet for Maisie up for grabs by entering the Easter colouring competition in the barn.

Crafts will also be taking place in the Discovery Centre, where youngsters can decorate a plant pot and receive free flower seeds to take home and help attract bees to your garden.

Visitors can also meet a creepy crawly, a scaly and a furry creature in the Discovery Centre, with three separate close encounters running throughout the day.

And the Easter bunny will be appearing across site from Good Friday through to Easter Monday, giving away free chocolate eggs – so keep your eyes peeled!