Paper playtime

A Burntwood-based business has kindly come up with a paper shredding solution to produce piles of fun for our animals.

HSM UK has generously donated an impressive shredder to trim newspapers and office waste paper from our Discovery Centre into fine strips which Dudley Zoo’s rats, tenrecs, ferrets and lorikeets will love.

Our fancy rats and tenrecs will use the shredded paper for bedding, ferrets will roll in it for fun and our lorikeets will make use of it for bedding and enrichment.

Head of Education Phil Turner said: “We are so grateful to HSM UK for this machine which will make our lives easier and provide good bedding and foraging material for our animals. Sometimes we can spend 30 minutes tearing up papers by hand but now the job will be done for us in a fraction of the time.

“We will also shred old confidential information for enrichment for our ferrets and I can assure you no criminal will want to sieve through our details after a ferret has sprayed on it!”

Mark Harper, Head of Sales UK&I HSM Office Technology, said: “We are delighted to be able to donate an HSM shredder to Dudley Zoo’s education department.

“A paper shredder will help produce safe, clean and dust-free bedding for Dudley Zoo’s animals and will help support their important education work for visiting children.

“We are thrilled our German-engineered HSM SECURIO P36 shredder will help enrich the lives of their many animals, providing a quick and easy way to produce shredded paper for many years to come.”

HSM is a global pioneer of environmental and office technology, with leading product lines like HSM SECURIO, HSM V-Press, HSM shredstar and HSM Powerline manufactured in from its Germany sites. Focusing on shredding, baling and waste compacting machinery, HSM produces a range of solutions for homes, businesses, large-scale commercial operations and other institutions, with products sold in over 100 countries.

If anyone has any spare newspapers, we can put them to good use! – Please bring them into our Safari Shop when you’re visiting or passing.
Many thanks to everyone at HSM UK – You’re a cut above!