Pandas’ summer diet

Red pandas Yasmin and Yang are tucking into a new summer menu . . .


The pair are less active in the warmer months so keepers have cut their rations until the temperature drops.

Senior keeper, Laura Robbins, said: “During this time of year Yasmin and Yang become quite lethargic so we cut down their food intake.

“During the colder months, when they are the most active, we give them three meals a day as they are constantly scuttling around, but during the summer they don’t use as much energy.

“They tell us when they don’t need to eat as much by not bothering to come down from the trees for their meals, so for the next few months they’ll only get one main meal a day followed by their favourite bamboo sticks as an evening snack.”

Their diet incudes pear, apple and banana as well panda cake – made up of crushed insects and leaves.