Panda portions aplenty

Three animals who don’t mind the cold weather are red pandas Yasmin, Yang and Jasper.

The trio are more active in the winter months, scuttling up and down the trees in their paddock, with their bright red fur acting as thermal insulation during the cold, and during that time keepers increase their food intake.


 A grey squirrel helps himself to a few tasty treats, unbeknown to this hungry red panda!

So on the daily menu the pandas are served pear, apple and banana pieces for breakfast, as well as lashings of panda cake – made up of a special mix of crushed insects and leaves, which is also repeated for lunch.

And before bed the family get to munch on their favourite treat – bamboo sticks.

Keepers have also been supplementing the panda family’s diet with raw eggs.

Senior Keeper Laura Robbins – pictured with the red pandas – said: “Eggs are naturally high in protein and as they would eat bird eggs in the wild, we add them to boost their protein levels.

“During the winter we triple the amount of food they get during the rest of the year as they are most active at this time, making it the best time for visitors to see them.”

She added: “We keep feeding them the increased portions until they tell us they’ve had enough.

“When they’re late coming down for breakfast we know it’s time to start reducing their intake.”


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