Paddling for pellets

Meerkats Lucky and Marvin had to get their feet wet when Keepers served up an underwater snack.

webwatermeerkat   webwatermeerkat

ABOVE – Liquid lunch – Meerkat brothers Lucky and Marvin take the plunge to get to their pellets

The five-year-old brothers in our Monkey Tails walkthrough exhibit were given some of their cat biscuits in a shallow tub of water as an enrichment exercise.

Keeper Jade Reddall said: “Putting their pellets in a few inches of water encouraged them to work for their lunch and also helped cool them down by getting their feet wet.

“Marvin was the more confident one, surprisingly, as usually Lucky is the boss! Marvin even went all the way in!

“But they mainly just pawed the water to drag the pellets towards them and enjoyed their lunch with a difference.”


See the pair paddling for their food in our video below