P-p-pick up a present!

Penguins may top the list in the popularity stakes but there’s plenty to p-p-pick from if you’re after an animal adoption as a great gift.

Each year the black and white birds tend to be the most adopted creatures in the zoo but this year newcomers binturongs Ellie and Elliot, naked mole rat Fupi and our new Patagonian mara Lulu are getting a share of the attention too.

Lulu was named by visitor Rebecca Deeley who won an adoption pack for the mara in our competition earlier this month and down on the farm pygmy goats Daffy and Dilly were also adopted recently.

Frisky the Barbary sheep, Pinky the flamingo, Waddle the penguin and Bonnie and Clyde the lorikeets are some of the animals with fun names available for adoption too.

Dudley Zoo’s Marketing Manager Andrea Hales said: “Adopting one of our animals makes a perfect present and it’s a gift that lasts the whole year.

“Packages start from £39.50 and include a free ticket to come and visit the 1,600-strong animal collection at our 40-acre site.”

Purchases actively support our vital conservation programmes and help pay for special treats, toys, bedding, health checks, food bills, heating and more.

The last posting date for adoption packs for Christmas is Tuesday 18 December 2018. Packs ordered by that date can be collected from the zoo up to December 21.

No adoptions will be processed between December 21 and January 2.