P-p-pick your own penguin!

We’re offering DZG supporters the unique chance to adopt and name one of our Humboldt penguins!

Name the penguinWe’ve had great success with our colony since we started it off in 1991, with just five hand-reareds and now have a headcount of 85 – one of the largest colonies in the UK.

But following a recent ID check, bird keepers have discovered that 40 of Penguin Bay’s residents don’t have official names on their record, just identification numbers.

Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “With so many names to think of we decided to let visitors have the job, so we’re offering a limited number of penguin adoption packages where adopters can name their animal themselves – which makes it extra special.

“We’ll then add the chosen name to the penguin’s official records, which will remain with it for its entire lifetime.”

An animal’s records are kept on the web-based ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System), which is updated regularly with the animal’s health, care and wellbeing details.

It can be shared and accessed across the world and is easily at hand by keepers or the zoo’s vet.

Prices of the special penguin adoption packages start from £50 and include a certificate, animal factsheet and photo, the quarterly ZooNooz newsletter and a zoo admission ticket.

To adopt and name your own Humboldt penguin CLICK HERE or call 01384 215313.