Owl’s great escape

Great grey owl, Hurricane, flew into big trouble when he made for the Castle walls during a birds of prey display in the courtyard.

lukehurricane_webTeam Leader of Birds Section, Kellie Piper, who was working with Hurricane at the time, said:?”He was supposed to circle the courtyard and then fly back to me, as he usually does, but he set off for the walls of the Sharington Range which are probably the furthest point within that area, and settled into a corner.

“When bird keepers attempted to lure him back he flew higher into the Tudor mansion ruins and remained out of reach for the next hour.”

Kellie added: “We tried tempting him with his favourite titbits but nothing worked until he was ready and then he came down – with a bit of help from one of the keepers!”





CAPTIONS: Bird keeper Luke Millar and Hurricane after his courtyard adventure.

He’s off! Hurricane flies into the unknown.