Out and about

Our Outreach team have been busy this week.

They’ve been saying hello to youngsters across the region and introducing some of the smaller, tame animals in DZG’s collection to shoppers at Ikea Wednesbury and showcasing their face painting skills at Tesco, Burnt Tree.

Amneek-Veer-Bassi1  Amneek-Veer-Bassi1

Amneek & Veer Bassi                       Bethany Plested

Amneek-Veer-Bassi1  Amneek-Veer-Bassi1

Eloise Benson                                       Isabella Hothi & Ty Bhanda


Amneek-Veer-Bassi1  Amneek-Veer-Bassi1 Amneek-Veer-Bassi1

Jasmin & Camilla Bassi                    Sophie Morgan      Finlay and Ava Timmins with mum Paula Smith



Zane and Eden Robins