Our visitor numbers are up!

Hi Guys, Bob here, the most handsome Gelada baboon in the group.

gelada-happy-webAnd have I got something to celebrate today!

DZG’s Finance Team has done the maths and discovered our visitor numbers are UP – how fantastic is that.

Of course, I know there’s a very simple explanation for the increase – you’ve all come to see me – but it’s wonderful news and I am so delighted.

There’s an official statement from the boss, CEO?Peter Suddock, who says these are cracking figures given the state of the economy and at the end of September we were 14,714 up on last year’s figures at 152,000 visitors, which is a whopping 10.7% increase.

I don’t understand all that numbers stuff, but it sounds pretty cool, and it means lots of people have come to see me and my mates, so we’re going to say a big Gelada baboon thank you for making Dudley Zoo your favourite!

And don’t forget we’re open every day except Christmas Day, so  there’s plenty of time for a revisit – hope to see you again soon! 

With love from Bob (the VERY handsome one)